About Linehan Ink


Dan Linehan was born in Manhattan where he was exposed to some of the world’s most remarkable urban environments. Dan was fascinated by buildings and studied architecture at New York Institute of Technology. After dropping out of school, he started working with his hands and became a union crane operator for 15 years where he observed the most amazing overhead views, cross sections and angles of buildings that most people never get the chance to take in.


In 1978 and 1986, the sudden and tragic deaths of his two brothers left an indelible mark on his soul and became a driving force in all of his endeavors. Dan appreciated the harsh realities of man living in a purely urban environment and began to take notice of the differences between the modern man and one who is intimately connected to history.

In 2012, an event transpired that would forever change Dan’s perspective. Acting as a good Samaritan, he came to the aid of a young woman in distress in Fort Myers, Florida and and as a result received a grave injury. After suffering a severe trauma to the head resulting in a torn and separated retina, Dan lost most of the sight of his right eye.

After a 28-year break from architectural school and drawing altogether, this near-death experience brought him in touch with his soul. He began drawing with new a perspective on life and a renewed view of the world.

Through the integration of our greatest pains, do we discover our gift. Intricately detailed and incredibly complex, Dan’s art is now his calling. Like a crane operator erecting a building, beam by beam, Dan constructs his masterpieces line by line by hand. Ink pens are the medium in which Dan’s story is only beginning to unfold. 

His devotion to share and communicate his life and timeless truths has led him on an inspiring journey that has been appreciated by man